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    Initial Evaluation All dogs start out with a private meeting with the head trainer, where they will evaluate your dog and suggest a training and/or behavior modification program that would best suit you and your dog. Evaluations are offered Monday-Friday and can be scheduled via phone. During this time, we will discuss the various training programs that we offer, and we will see which program works better for you and your dog. Private one-on-one These individual lessons can be scheduled via phone and are offered on weekdays. During this time, you'll work on obedience training or any issues you may be having that cannot be addressed in obedience classes. In Home Visits In home visits can be scheduled via phone or e-mail. These visits are designed to solve any issues you may be having that cannot be solved here at our facility. *Price varies depending on location & subject to availability Personal Protection Our protection program is specifically designed for the skill necessary to either deter a potential threat or react in a manner to stop an attempted assault. Protection is offered to those who want to a have a personal protection dog and to those training for various competitions. If you are interested in having your dog trained as a protection dog your first step would be to schedule an evaluation where decoys will work your dog and assess their capabilities. Boarding With Training Trainers will design a customized training program that will address whatever problems you may be having with obedience, dog aggression, people aggression, food aggression, fears or any other unique issues you may be dealing with. Boarding is calculated by the calendar day (the days you drop off and pick up are included), not 24-hour period. All drop-offs and pick-ups are offered 7 days a week. In Home Puppy Training Program This is a three week program where the puppy will be staying at the head trainer’s household and learning proper house manners. During this program, the puppy will be undergoing crate training, potty training, socialization with dogs and people, and obedience training. Included in this program is the initial evaluation, one private session, and a $25 discount on our obedience classes. In Kennel Obedience Training Program This is a three-five week program that mainly focuses on obedience training. During this program, your dog will learn the commands such as heel, sit, down, stay, come, leave it, etc. Included in this program, your dog will also undergo e-collar training (varies depending on dog and client). The e-collar training helps substitute for a leash, where you will be able to do off leash events with the peaceful mindset that your dog will stick by you, and continue to be obedient under your control. Included in this program is the initial evaluation, one pick up private session, one follow up maintenance session, and a $25 discount on our obedience classes. In Kennel Behavior Modification Program This is a three to five week long program where your dog will stay with us as we conduct obedience training and behavior modification. This program is not just for obedience and is available to those who have dogs with the highest level of aggression, anxiety or fear. Your dog will be treated as if they were our own. Although they are here for training, they will also be socialized with the outside world including dogs, people, and traffic. We will incorporate real world training in many different environments in order to get the most reliable results. This program has a very high success rate and is beneficial to both you and your dog. Included in this program is the initial evaluation, a private pick up session, a follow up private maintenance session, and a $25 discount on our obedience classes. At the end of the program, our head trainer will give you a complete review of your dogs’ time spent at K-9 Top Performance. In Kennel Protection Program This program is the same as our in kennel obedience but protection training will be the main focus. The time duration of this program will be discussed after further evaluation of your dog. Included in this program is the initial evaluation, one private pick up session, and three protection classes. *Note not all dogs are suited for protection training. Trainers will conduct an evaluation with your dog to determine if this program would be beneficial for you and your dog. **All dogs must complete a full evaluation before admittance into our in kennel training programming. Canine Good Citizen We have several AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluators on staff, please contact us for more information regarding preparation and testing
  • K9 CAMPS
    K-9 Camp ***By Appointment Only*** K-9 Camp is a structured training program that we offer to work with dogs that are not able to participate in regular group training in the evenings or on weekends. In K9 Camp, your dog would come stay for the day and we would work with them on any issues they are having such as dog aggression, anxiety, people aggression, simple obedience, etc. Your dog will get one-on-one training with the trainers, as well as proper socialization with dogs and people. When you pick your dog up later in the day, we will go over all the training we did with your dog during the day and what needs to be worked on at home. K-9 Camp is an all day program. Puppy Camp (dogs under 6 months old) Puppies will participate in our obedience training classes with our trainers and they will also be introduced to our doggy daycare for socialization. Based on what your training goals are, we will customize your dog’s training program to help benefit your training goals. K-9 Camp Adolescent & Adult Dogs Your dog will undergo obedience training along with socialization with our daycare pack. Obedience training will consist of teaching your dog the basic commands such as heel, sit, down, stay, come, leave it, etc. Socialization is very good for your dog to be properly exposed to various other dogs under a controlled environment. K-9 Behavior Modification Camp Dogs of any age that have behavioral problems such as dog aggression, people aggression, fear aggression, anxiety, food aggression, etc., will undergo this program. Our trainers will further evaluate the severity of their behavioral issues, and will create an accurate training plan for your dog specifically.
    IT IS IMPORTANT TO US THAT YOUR DOG IS AS COMFORTABLE AS THEY CAN BE BY HAVING A VACATION THEMSELVES LEAVING YOU THE OPTION TO CHOOSE THEIR GETAWAY. Our spacious, state of the art 8’ x 4’ kennels are designed for a comfortable stress-free stay for your dog. No matter what your plans may be; school vacation, business trip, weekend getaway or unexpected travel needs take comfort knowing that K-9 Top Performance can provide you and your dog with all your boarding needs. While your dog is here, they will not only receive top-notch care from our highly trained staff, but you can leave them with a peace of mind knowing that every dog which stays with us is treated as if they were our own! Inside the kennels you will find a raised bed to keep them off the ground, which allows room for their favorite bed, crate or blanket. General Boarding During the day your dog will be walked by our professionally trained staff, fed, and cared for. Boarding with Daycare Available for dogs that are currently members of, or pre-approved for our daycare. In addition to boarding, they will be out on our daycare floor during the day. Boarding With Training Trainers will design a customized training program that will address whatever problems you may be having with obedience, dog aggression, people aggression, food aggression, fears, or any other unique issues you may be dealing with. Boarding is calculated by the calendar day (the days you drop off and pick up are included), not 24-hour period. All drop-offs and pick-ups are offered 7 days a week. Boarding FAQs 1. HOW DO I BOOK A STAY FOR MY DOG? Calling and booking a reservation over the phone is the ideal way. If you end up leaving a message, we will call you back to confirm your reservation if space is available. You can also email us at: . 2. WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE IS NO AVAILABILITY? Our maximum capacity is 21 dogs. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of all the dogs boarding with us. If we are at capacity during the time you have requested we will put you on our waiting list and notify you if space becomes available. NOTE we fill up very fast during holidays, weekends, and summer. 3. WHEN ARE THE DROP OFF AND PICK UP TIMES? Monday through Friday (unless stated otherwise for days we are closed), the times will be BETWEEN 7am and 5:30pm. Saturdays are 9am OR 5pm. Sundays are 11am OR 430pm. These specific times on the weekend are when the doors will be opened. 4. WHAT ITEMS SHOULD I BRING FOR MY DOG? We require that you bring your dog’s specific food, treats, or medications We do not require beds, crates, bowls, or toys, however we will gladly take them to make your pet feel more comfortable during their stay. We do have a fridge and freezer available for medications and raw diets. 5. WHERE DO THEY STAY AT NIGHT/DURING THE DAY? Each dog is housed in their own 4x8’ kennel provided with clean raised water and a kennel deck. We do have half kennels available for multi dog households and smaller dogs. The dogs primarily stay in the kennels if you have opted for regular boarding but do go out for walks throughout the day. If your dog is currently approved for our daycare, you may opt for our Boarding with Daycare option, with an additional cost of $10 per day. 6. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REGULAR BOARDING AND BOARDING WITH TRAINING? Regular boarding includes your dog being fed and walked at various times throughout the day. Medications are provided as needed as well as a daily visual safety/health checks. Boarding with training includes a multitude of options. Typically we ask that you state this on your contract and write down the top 3 issues you would like to work on, this can be and is not limited to obedience, destructive behaviors, socialization, aggression issues, etc. You will be given a full report at the time of pickup along with suggestions to continue the training once you leave. This ensures that your dog will be receiving training every weekday. Boarding with training is NOT available on weekends. 7. WHEN IS GROOMING OFFERED? We DO NOT offer any grooming services on the weekends and we also DO NOT offer cutting or trimming of any kind. Our groomer(s) are available Monday through Friday. If you have asked for your dog to receive a bath they will be available on the day of pick up AFTER 2pm. 8. CAN I CALL AND CHECK UP ON THEM? AM I OR FAMILY MEMBERS ALLOWED TO VISIT? Yes, you may call and check up on your pets as frequently as you like. Our phones are monitored Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm. If we do not answer please leave a detailed message and we will return your call at our earliest convenience. E-mail is also a good way to receive an update, at: 9. HOW DOES YOUR PRICING WORK? Regular Boarding is $40.00 per CALENDAR DAY. Boarding with Daycare is $50.00 per CALENDAR DAY. Boarding with Training is $65.00 per CALENDAR DAY. Example: I dropped my dog off at 3pm Monday September 1st and I am picking them up at 9am Wednesday September 3rd and I have opted for regular boarding. How much would I owe? The price is set at $40.00 for 3 calendar days of boarding, therefore the total would be $120.00. Grooms, and using our kennel or raw food is subject to extra charges. Multiple dogs get a discount of $5.00 per dog per day. 10. IS THERE ANYONE OVERNIGHT? WHAT IF MY DOG NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION? We DO NOT stay here overnight. We are here as early and as late as possible. There are alarms and cameras to ensure the safety of your pet. If for any reason at all we feel that your pet needs medical attention depending on the severity of the issue the owner followed by the emergency contact will be notified of the issue. If the dog does need to see a Vet the owner is liable to pay all medical fees ensued by the visit. Compensation for the vet bill will be added to your boarding fee at the time of pick up. What is K9 Camp? K9 Camp is our most popular training choice. Puppy obedience, adult and adolescent dogs, and Behavior Modification all fall under the K9 Camp training umbrella. Your dog will get 1 on 1 training with the staff trainers, as well as proper socialization (when appropriate). When you pick your dog up at the end of the day, we will go over the training done with your dog, as well as their progress. K9 Camp is by appointment only, Monday through Friday, and books out approximately 4 weeks on advance. How do I book K9 Camp appointments? You can book appointments by sending a request through your Pet Exec log in, in person at the front desk, or by calling our office at (781)944-2929 How many K9 Camp visits should I book? We suggest 6 to 8 visits be booked initially, and will adjust their schedule accordingly based on trainer recommendation, as every dog learns differently. What is the difference between K9 Camp and Daycare? K9 Camp is a training day for your dog, to work on obedience or requested issues. Daycare is all day (or half day!) play group for your dog to socialize with other dogs in a managed setting. Does my dog go into the Daycare? If you have asked us to work on daycare socialization, or have indicated during your evaluation that your goal is daycare for your dog, then yes. How do I know how my dog is Doing? At the end of each K9 Camp Day, when you pick up, your trainer will speak to you in person about how your dog is progressing, or if they are on the early shift, they will leave you a written report card. When do I learn what my dog knows? When your trainer evaluates your dog as ready (generally after approximately 5 visits, but please remember that all dogs, like humans, learn at different rates) we will let you know that they are ready for a private 1 on 1 training session, and help you book that appointment. During that appointment, your trainer will show you everything the dog has learned, and how to reinforce that at home. My dog seemed exhausted/ very thirsty, etc, Is this normal? Yes! Learning and being mentally stimulated is tiring and thirsty work! The dogs have access to fresh water all day while they are here. What is an IKP? An IKP is our In Kennel Program, a 3 to 5 week training program where your dog stays with us in our kennels (or at one of our trainer’s homes), focusing on obedience training, Behavior Modification (for dogs with extreme issues) or even protection training. Can I visit my dog during an IKP, or bring them home on weekends? No, we don’t recommend that, as it can confuse the dog (they don’t understand why you’re leaving without them) and it can seriously disrupt their training. How does my dog become a Daycare Pack Member? In order to join our daycare pack, your dog must take part in our K9 Camp for Daycare socialization training. But my dog already attends a daycare elsewhere / goes to dog parks. Every daycare pack is made up of different dogs, so they would need to learn our packs socialization. Dogs that may do well in a dog park setting with 5 or even 10 other dogs, may feel differently in an indoor daycare pack made up of more dogs. Do you have daycare on weekends? No, we are not open for daycare on weekends, or major Holidays. Does my dog need to bring food? If your dog is a puppy under one year of age, or has special dietary needs (raw fed, etc), then please bring their lunch in a disposable container or bag marked with their name (refrigeration is available). Most adult dogs eat twice daily and do not need a daycare lunch. Why is my dog so thirsty when he comes home? Playing all day is thirsty work, and the dogs all have access to fresh water, but may want to drink more when they get home. How are the Daycare groups determined? Our professionally trained staff works with each dog that comes into the pack, and the dogs are grouped by temperament and age. How many dogs are in daycare? We average approximately 50 total dogs in daycare per day. Does my dog have to be neutered or spayed? No, we do not require dogs to be neutered or spayed. However, females in a heat cycle may not attend training, daycare or boarding, and must be bathed/groomed before returning to the facility once their heat cycle is over.
    Doggie Daycare Doggie daycare is offered Monday-Friday from 7:00AM-6:00PM. This is a great experience for your dog to get much needed exercise and appropriate dog socialization. There is ample room for your dog to run and play on our main training floor. Our professionally trained staff works with each dog that comes into the pack. Any and all dogs are welcome; we do not discriminate against breeds or unaltered dogs. We do require you to come in for the evaluation before your first day. You must provide proof of your dogs Rabies, Distemper and Kennel Cough vaccination before arrival. In order for your dog to become part of our doggy daycare, your dog must undergo our K9 Camp Program in order to properly become acclimated into our pack.
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