Initial Evaluation

All dogs and owners start out with a private meeting at our facility with one of the trainers who will evaluate your dog and suggest the training and/or behavior modification program that would best suit you and your dog. Evaluations are offered Monday-Friday and can be scheduled via phone or e-mail. During this time we will discuss your goals you have for you and your dog and go over our programs that we offer and answer any questions you may have.

K-9 Camps

K-9 Camp


K-9 Camp is our most popular training choice. Your dog will get one-on-one training with the staff trainers, as well as proper socialization with dogs and people. When you pick your dog up we will have a report card for you, or verbally go over all the training we did with your dog during the day. K-9 Camp is open on Monday through Friday from 7:00am–6:00pm.

Puppy Camp (dogs under 6 months old)


Puppies will get a private training session during the day. They will also be introduced to our doggy daycare for socialization. Based on your training, we will customize your dogs training program to help achieve your training goals.

K-9 Camp Adolescent & Adult Dogs


Your dog will undergo obedience training along with socialization, when appropriate, with our daycare pack. Obedience training will consist of teaching your dog all of the basics commands such as sit, down, come, stay and heel, as well as any other issues you may behaving.

K-9 Camp Behavior Modification


Dogs of any age that have behavioral problems such as dog/people/fear/food aggression will undergo this program. Our trainers will further evaluate the severity of their behavior and then create the best plan for your dog and their specific behavioral issues.

Private one-on-one


These individual lessons taught by our trainers can be scheduled via phone or e-mail and are offered Monday-Friday. During this time you’ll work on obedience training or any issues you may be having.*Non-refundable deposit of $40.

Behavioral one-on-one


Private individual training lessons for dogs and owners, that due to behavioral issues make them ineligible for K9 Camp or Boarding with Training.

In Home Visits


In home visits can be scheduled via phone or e-mail. These visits are designed to solve any issues you may be having that cannot be solved here at our facility. *Price varies depending on location.

Personal Protection


Our protection program is specifically designed for the skill necessary to either deter a potential threat or react in a manner to stop an attempted assault. Protection is offered to those who want to a have a personal protection dog and to those training for various competitions. If you were interested in having your dog trained as a protection dog your first step would be to schedule an evaluation where decoys will work your dog and assess their capabilities.

Boarding With Training


Trainers will design a customized training program that will address two to three problems you may be having with obedience, dog aggression, people aggression, food aggression, fears or any other unique issues you may be dealing with.

In Kennel Obedience Training Program


This is a three-five week program that mainly focuses on your dog’s obedience training. During this program, your dog will learn all the basic commands such as heel, sit, down, stay, come, and the place command, all of these commands can also be taught through the e-collar if requested, in some cases the trainers might also suggest the e-collar.

Included in this program is a private two hour training session with you on pick up day, five follow up K9 Camp visits, and two private 1:1 training sessions with your trainer (can be switched to one in-home session at your home).

In Kennel Behavior Modification Program


This is a three to five week long program where your dog will stay with us as we conduct obedience training and behavior modification. This program is not just for obedience, and is available to those who have dogs with a high level of aggression, anxiety or fear. Your dog will be treated as if they were our own. Although they are here for training, they will also be socialized with the outside world including dogs, people, and traffic. We will incorporate real world training in many different environments in order to get the most reliable results .This program has a very high success rate and is beneficial to both you and your dog. Included in this program is the initial evaluation, one private training session and 3 group-training sessions. At the end of the program Steve will give you a complete review of your dogs’ time spent at K-9 Top Performance.

Canine Good Citizen

We have several AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluators on staff, please contact us for more information regarding preparation and testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is K9 Camp?

K9 Camp is our most popular training choice. Puppy obedience, adult and adolescent dogs, and Behavior Modification all fall under the K9 Camp training umbrella. Your dog will get 1 on 1 training with the staff trainers, as well as proper socialization (when appropriate). When you pick your dog up at the end of the day, you will receive a report card or verbal report regarding their progress. K9 Camp is by appointment only, Monday through Friday, and books out approximately 2 ½ weeks in advance.

How do I book K9 Camp appointments?

You can book appointments in person at the front desk, or by calling our office at (781)944-2929

How many K9 Camp visits should I book?

We suggest 6 visits be booked initially, and will adjust their schedule accordingly based on trainer recommendation, as every dog learns differently.

What is the difference between K9 Camp and Daycare?

K9 Camp is a pre-scheduled training day for your dog, to work on obedience or requested issues. Daycare is all day (or half day!) play group (no training) for your dog to socialize with other dogs in a managed setting.

Does my dog go into the Daycare?

If you have asked us to work on daycare socialization, or have indicated during your evaluation that your goal is daycare for your dog, then yes.

How do I know how my dog is doing?

At the end of each K9 Camp Day, when you pick up, your trainer will speak to you in person about how your dog is progressing, or if they are on the early shift, they will leave you a written report card.

When do I learn what my dog knows?

When your trainer evaluates your dog as ready (generally after approximately 6 visits, but please remember that all dogs, like humans, learn at different rates) we will let you know that they are ready for a private 1 on 1 training session, and help you book that appointment. During that appointment, your trainer will show you everything the dog has learned, and how to reinforce that at home.

My dog seemed exhausted/ very thirsty, etc, Is this normal?

Yes! Learning and being mentally stimulated is tiring and thirsty work! The dogs have access to fresh water all day while they are here.

What is an IKP?

An IKP is our In Kennel Program, a 3 to 5 week training program where your dog stays with us in our kennels (or at one of our trainer’s homes if available), focusing on obedience training, Behavior Modification (for dogs with extreme issues) or even protection training.

Can I visit my dog during an IKP, or bring them home on weekends?

No, we don’t recommend that, as it can confuse the dog (they don’t understand why you’re leaving without them) and it can seriously disrupt their training.